Whatever Happened to Discipleship?
by ThinkApologetics.com

” When I see those who walk away from the Lord, I can almost guarantee that at some point they dropped their spiritual disciplines. They stopped praying, stopped reading the Bible, etc. My advice is to stick with the basics of these disciplines. Don’t go for the quick fix or the one big spiritual high. They never last.”


Dietrich Bonhoeffer

A Point of Concern

Several years ago, I remember reading The Cost of Discipleship by the German Theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer. In this book, Bonhoeffer laid out what he believed it was to follow Christ. This book was published during the rise of the Nazi regime in Germany. It was during this period that Bonhoeffer’s view of costly discipleship was put together. And it was his view of costly discipleship that ultimately led to his death.

Over the years I have talked to plenty of people about the Gospel. While I run across plenty of people who have never heard the message before, I also I come across plenty of people who profess to be Christians but are not going forward in their faith. If I meet an individual who says they are a professed believer, I always ask them where they are in the discipleship process. Many times…

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