Ideas have consequences. The Warped Outcomes of Abortion leads us to Infanticide. But there are other gruesome realities about abortion.

Gruesome Realities

Since Roe ended legal protection of the unborn, some doctors have combined infanticide with experimentation. They’ve experimented on aborted babies. (We apologize for the gruesome nature of the following examples, but the truth must be known.)

  • Six months after the Roe v. Wade decision, Dr. Peter A. J. Adam, a professor of pediatrics at Case Western Reserve University, conducted an experiment in which he cut off the heads of twelve live aborted babies, pumped blood to their brains and kept them alive by machine to observe them. Responding to criticism, Dr. Adam defended his experiment by commenting, “Once society’s declared fetus is dead, and abrogated its rights, I don’t see any ethical problem…Whose rights are we going to protect once we’ve decided the fetus won’t live?”
  • In a series of experiments conducted at Stanford University, Dr. Robert C. goodlin cut open the chests of live aborted babies and observed their hearts directly: “The thorax [chest] was opened and the heart was observed directly,” he explained. All of the babies died within eleven hours.
  • In three studies at the University of Manitoba beginning in 1973, Dr. Francisco Reyes cut open the stomachs and skulls of 249 live aborted babies. The first study involved the delivery of live, normal babies who abdomens were cut open and their sex and adrenal glands examined. The second study involved seventy-nine babies aborted alive and later killed by a heart puncture. The third study involved 116 babies also aborted alive. Their skulls were opened and their pituitary glands removed. They also were later killed by heart puncture.
  • According to a June 1972 Reuters News Agency report, testicles were successfully transplanted from a six-month-old aborted baby into a twenty-eight-year-old Lebanese man. The donor baby was then killed.
  • In 1974 Dr. Bela A. Resch cut the hearts out of aborted babies and observed them beating outside their bodies for hours.
  • In 1980 Dr. Martti Kekomaki cut open the stomachs and servered the heads of several live aborted babies. He later remarked, “An aborted baby is just garbage and that’s where it ends up. Why not make use of it for society?”
  • In a bizarre process called cryonics, even adults have been the victims of experimentation. Cryonics is the process of freezing the body in hopes of bringing it back to life one day. One woman, Dora Kent, had her head surgically removed from her body and frozen in the hopes she could one day be brought back to life in a new body. According to the American College of Surgeons Bulletin, “She was apparently still alive when the procedure was started. Her son is a believer in cryonics, and he surpervised the removal of his mother’s head. The coroner classified the death as a homicide.” (While this practice is not yet widespread, it does occur and illustrates the bizarre extremes to which disrespect for life may take us.)

The Unthinkable Is Happening – Parents Are Doing It!

Unfortunately, it’s not just the doctors that have lost respect for life. Mothers are committing infanticide as well. The following are just a few of numerous cases:

  • One year before Baby Doe, On April 4, 1981, a baby was born alive and well a month and a half before its scheduled birth. Sadly, the mother threw the baby from the seventh floor of her room in the downtown Sheridan-Dallas Hotel. The autopsy showed that the baby died on impact. The case was taken to court, but the charges were dismissed. After all, she could have walked into any abortion clinic in Texas and killed her baby in the womb in the next two months! Ironically, sometime later in the same city, a young girl left her newborn baby at a local hospital. The papers reported that the police had a warrant out for her arrest because of “child abuse.” If she had only killed the baby in her womb a day earlier it would have been called a woman’s right to privacy!
  • More recently, in 1994, Susan Smith drowned her two little boys in a lake in South Carolina, just a couple of years after she could have had them killed legally.
  • In 1996 two college students allegedly murdered their baby boy in a Delaware Hotel, just minutes after they could have killed him legally.
  • And in 1997 a teenage girl allegedly killed her baby after giving birth at her class prom. Reports say the young mother left the strangled newborn in the rest room trash can and then rejoined her friends on the dance floor.

We’ve slid a long way since we devalued life. Unless we make some drastic changes in our country soon, things will only get worse. With the cases of infanticide growing today, cases of adult euthanasia certainly will be growing tomorrow.

[*Adapted from pgs 182-184 of the 11th chapter, Euthanasia: Exterminating Ourselves to Death of Legislating Morality by Dr. Norman Geisler and Frank Turek (same authors of I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist)].

As I type this up, I’m reminded on headlines in the past 24 hours on multiple news sites that California has passed a right-to-die law in the past year and 111 people have ended their lives so far.