Abortion laws have resulted in the following warped outcomes:

  • Unborn eagles are protected by law. Unborm humans are not.
  • A Teenage girl at a public school must get permission from her parents to take an aspirin, but she needs no permission if she wants to get an abortion.
  • A corporation is a “person” protected by the Fourteenth Amendment, but an unborn child is not.
  • A mother who takes drugs can be prosecuted for harming her baby during pregnancy, but that same mother has a “right” to have her baby dismembered, scalded, or suffocated in her womb by abortion.
  • Doctors in one room can operate to “save the life” of a five-month old baby in the womb. In the next room, they can deliver a full-term baby feet first, drill a hole in the back of her skull and remove her brains!
  • Outside of a few state laws against partial-birth abortion, humans can be killed in any gruesome manner while animals are legally protected. George Wills points this out clearly: “Americans are proud of their humane feelings and are moved by empathy. Thus, we regulate the ways animals can be killed. Certain kinds of traps are banned. Cattle cannot be slaughtered in ways deemed careless about pain. Stray dogs and cats must be killed in certain ways…But no laws regulate the suffering of the aborted.”
  • Children know the unborn are people but adults do not. In May 1994 Milwaukee police descended on four children, ages four to eleven, after receiving reports that the suspects were throwing stones from a bridge. According to one of the officers on the scene, the police discovered that the children were “throwing fetuses around.” The youngsters had retrieved twenty-two aborted infants from a nearby dumpster. When asked what they were doing, the children replied that they were playing with “little people.” Question: If it is so easy for children to see that the unborn are people, why is it so hard for many adults to admit the same? Is it possible that the little people know something that the big people don’t know?
  • Staying in the womb can be more dangerous than coming out. On October 15thy, 1994 Simone Keys gave birth to her permature son Timothy who wieghed one pound, fourteen ounces. Doctors skillfully prevented the birth of Timothy’s twin sister, Celeste, who stayed in the womb for another ninety-five days, and was born at full term on January 18, 1995. Had Ms. Keys so desired, she could have exercised her “right” to an abortion and killed Celeste at any time during the remainder of her pregnancy, even though Celeste was obviously just as much an innocent human being as her twin brother. Thankfully, Ms Keys recognized the higher right to life. (Incidentally, Ms. Keys said that Celeste became active – squirming and wiggling in the womb – whenever she visited Timothy in the hospital.)
  • Doctors have performed gruesome experiments on live aborted babies. Heads have been cut off babies and experiments performed on them; live haerts have been taken out and kept alive; kidneys and sex organs of aborted babies have been transplanted; stomaches have been cut open and studied – all without any anesthesia for the baby, in spite of the known facts that between eight and thirteen weeks after conception babies have a nervous system that can feel organic pain.

Adapted from the 10th chapter, Abortion: Choosing Ourselves to Death of Legislating Morality by Dr. Norman Geisler and Frank Turek (same authors of I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist).