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“What Do You Mean By That?” A Look At Questioning Evangelism: Responding To Five Common Objections On A College Campus


Ohio State University Faces Outbreak Of Mumps Cases

Over the years I have heard hundreds of objections to the Christian faith on a major college campus. In this post, I want to give the top five objections that I have heard on a regular basis. I also want to show how I generally respond to these objections. I employ what is called “Questioning Evangelism?” which happens to be the title of a book. I don’t necessarily respond to people by using the guidelines in the book. But I do ask a lot of questions. Here are five examples:

  1. “There is no evidence or proof for God”:In this case, I always ask what the individual means by ‘proof’ or ‘evidence.’ I also ask them what would convince them God exists. In most cases, they will generally respond three ways. They will say “I have never thought of that before?” Or, they will say they want scientific…

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