2,4 Million Atheists & Agnostics Claim That They Pray. by James Bishop

James Bishop's Theological Rationalism

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Do atheists and agnostics pray? It seems that some of them do.

Pew Research Forum has conducted a few studies over the last few years that seem to have churned out some interesting statistics. One study says that 6% of atheists and agnostics pray daily (1) whereas another puts it at 11% of atheists and agnostics who pray weekly and monthly (2). And with only atheists themselves considered Pew found that 3% said that they pray (3). These studies at least seem to suggest that a certain number do seem to pray as psychologist Christine Wicker asks, “Do atheists and agnostics pray? Yes, indeed. Quite a bit it turns out. Six percent of them pray every day, we’re told by the Pew Research Center. And 11 percent pray weekly or monthly” (4).

So, if we go with Pews research from 2012 and do a little bit of calculating we find…

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