BIG Questions

Let’s kick off today’s blog with a little internet search exercise:

Step 1: Go to Google (go ahead, I’ll wait…).  Step 2: In the search box, type in the words “are creationists…”  Step 3: Notice the “suggested finishes” to that question:

“…are creationists stupid?”

“…are creationists serious?”

“…are creationists crazy?”

“…are creationists idiots?”

(Obviously, those aren’t exactly the most encouraging results if you happen to be a Creationist.)

So, today, let’s ask the big question that underlies it all: is the Bible’s Creation story “nonsense”?

Usually anyone who thinks so is basing their statement on the belief that science has proven otherwise.  But hasitreally?  If we were to compare what Genesis 1 says to what science has discovered thus far, what would we actually find?

a. The Big Bang Theory

Consider science’s Big Bang theory, for example.  As we already explored back in…

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