By James Bishop

Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy

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A 31 year old woman, Dafne Gutierrez, from Arizona, United States, claims that she now has perfect vision after going blind more than a year ago in 2015 (1). After suffering from intracranial hypertension, which causes swelling in the brain and in turn damages optic nerves, Gutierrez went blind. According to Dr. Anne Borik, an internist who reviewed Gutierrez’s case, “This is a condition where the pressure in the brain is so high that often times it strangulates the optic nerve but unfortunately whence the blindness occurs it is irreversible.” Gutierrez, however, says that her incredible healing came about after visiting the St. Joseph Maronite Catholic Church in Phoenix.

There a priest, Fr. Akiki, prayed with her as she stood over the relics of Saint Charbel, a Lebanese monk. According to Fr. Akiki, “Dafne came to confess to me, and I told her to pray and have…

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