BIG Questions

It’s a popular idea in our culture these days.

And it usually sounds something like this: “What’s true for one person may not be what’s true for someone else, and that’s okay.  Because absolute truth doesn’t exist.  All truth is relative.  And while everyone has beliefs that are true for them, no one can say that what they believe applies to everyone.”

And, on the surface, that line of thinking sounds good.

(If nothing else, it certainly has a tolerant feel that makes a considerable effort to promote peace amidst conflict.  After all—with that line of thinking, everyone wins!)

Or so it seems at first glance.

But, if we’re being logical about Big Questions like this one, then I have to follow the original claim to its logical conclusion.

And it’s right about there that I notice a few problems with it:

1. The nature of the claim


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