Thomistic Bent

In the next post, we will consider the census described in Luke chapter 2. Before we do so, we need to give some space to the overall accuracy of the author’s writings as a whole.

Before we can rightly consider a single question in one verse, we must consider Luke’s writings as a whole. Throughout the Gospel of Luke and his other book, Acts of the Apostles, Luke sprinkles a great number of details. The vast majority of these details are minute and have no bearing on the overall spiritual point to the story. For example, do the following really matter to the overall message of the Bible?

  • When Peter knocks on a door, the name of the girl who answered the door was Rhoda (Acts 12:13)
  • Paul was joined in one of his journeys by Sopater, Aristarchus, Secundus, Gaius, Timothy, Tychicus, and Trophimus (Acts 20:4).
  • Paul and Luke waited…

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