BIG Questions

Let’s play a game.

Below is a list of 12 historical facts that virtually every historical scholar worth his title will agree with—whether the scholar is a Christian, atheist, agnostic, Buddhist, or whatever.

And my challenge is this: considering all 12 historical facts together (as well as their logical implications), see if you can name just one logical conclusion that a person can come to, other than “Jesus truly must have risen from the dead.”

Ready? Here are the facts:

  1. There was a historical man named Jesus, from Nazareth, who died by Roman crucifixion in the early first century.
  2. He was buried, most likely in a private tomb.
  3. Soon afterward, His disciples were discouraged, bereaved, and despondent, having lost hope.
  4. Jesus’ tomb was found empty very soon after His burial.
  5. His disciples had experiences which they believed wereactual appearances of the resurrected Jesus.
  6. Due to those experiences, the disciples’…

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