Thomistic Bent

This is another in a series of questions about Christianity from critics and skeptics.

Question: In most arguments from design, theuniverse is compared to a designed object. For example, Paley uses a watch to illustratedesign, since we all know watches are designed. What other universe is the proponent of Intelligent Designcomparing ourcurrentuniverse to so he can show design? We would need another universe that is designed or undersigned to compare this one so we can decide about design. With only one universe to evaluate, we can make no valid comparisons about design.

Answer: This question sets up a false dilemma. It is not true that we need another universe to compare ours. We can merely observe that everything that works toward an end has an intelligence behind it working toward that end. All things that are purposeless require no designer, a fact which many thoughtful atheists are quick to point…

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